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For larger pieces please arrange a consultation with one of our tattoo artists. Not sure who’s best suited for your piece? Give us a call! (905) 577-6282 or Email a brief description and any reference photos you may have to contact [at] We arrange free consultations by appointment. Even better yet, stop by the shop anytime, let’s talk face-to-face like the olden days!

Walk Ins

We try and take walk ins everyday, call and see what times we have available! Or better yet, come by and see what’s up! We’re sorry if we don’t have time available, but at least we got to see each other! While you’re reading this, we thought we’d also remind you to call your Mom (but don’t tell her about the new tattoo just yet).


Send us an email in the contact form or call us (905) 577-6282 - Please allow us 24 hours to get back to you.


We don’t give estimates via email or phone, we suggest having an in person conversation to give you the best estimate for your piece. Send us an email to arrange your free consultation or better yet, call us.. we miss hearing your voice!


We recommend getting a quote based on the piece you’re looking for because our artists are all very proficient. So please contact us to get your custom quote.

Shop Minimum: $100

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